The English Editor Screenshot Tour

First, a couple of notes: The cursor doesn't show up in these screenshots, because that's the way BeOS does screenshots. More importantly, the coolest aspects of the program involve animation (scrolling, margin resizing), which can't be shown here.

Here is what an English Editor window looks like:

Notice how it resembles a piece of paper, with wide margins. There is no menu bar or toolbar; all controls are in the margins, and only appear as the cursor approaches them. For instance, the scroller is in the lower-right corner:

The margin controls are in the lower-left corner, up against the text. The text reflows live as you move them:

In the upper-right corner are the change indicator; the asterisk control that brings up a window for creating new documents; and the commands. The mouse is over the "Undo" command, and the "Redo" command is disabled:

Clicking inside the document provides an insertion point for editing. In this case, the insertion point is between two words; typing will create a new word:

Double-clicking selects a word:

Triple-clicking selects a sentence:

Quadruple-clicking selects a paragraph:

Selected text is moved by dragging. As you drag, an arrow indicates where the text will go. Words can go only between other words, sentences between other sentences...

...and paragraphs between other paragraphs:

The English Editor can work with plain ASCII text files, Usenet messages, and (in a limited way) HTML files. Probably the most annoying missing feature right now is cut-and-paste. Work on the original English Editor has stopped in favor of The English Editor II, which will look and work much the same, but which is XML/DOM-based and supports stylesheets.